• Happy in San Diego

    For some reason America is really late on this, but the since the entire world has already been doing it, I decided about a couple of weeks ago to go with the flow and join this fun.

    What I am talking about?


    Well, all the versions of the song Happy from Pharrell Williams! Two weeks ago on a Friday, I was talking to my mom on the phone and somehow we got to the topic music. So, I asked her, if she had already heard this new cool song from Pharrell Williams. Her response: New? That song is already old!

    Huh? That can’t be, I have only heard it maybe 3 times on the radio yet! Strange! But then my mom told me about the version from Münster. Münster is the next bigger city from where I come from. So, I checked out the  Happy Version of Münster . Pretty cool, I thought. And then I discovered that the entire world has been doing that. Even Madagascar and Tahiti have their own versions, and even Tatooine in Tunesia made its Star Wars Version. I was completely excited und shocked in the same time, how we here in the US did not hear any of this.

    Well, of cause then I was wondering if San Diego had its version already. So, I checked. Nope, none there! So, why don’t I make one?!! 🙂

    Thanks to my ex, I know a few people that are professional camera men and Eamon was the first one, I thought of. Especially since he is one here in San Diego.

    I had no idea, if he was gonna be up for something like that, but I thought, I’d just give it shot. He responded: “You set it all up, and I’ll shoot it!” 🙂

    Cool, said and done! So, I quickly set up a Facebook event and did some convincing. When I managed to get a sail boat (Sail Jada) we could shoot on, the people started to commit. So, everything took its course. I only had one week to plan. I wanted to make sure that nobody would get that idea and get the drop on me. 🙂

    We shot the whole thing on the 16th of March – 8 locations in almost 12 hours. It was really exhausting, but also so much fun. I was able to gain my first experience in directing and was completely in my element with all the planning. All the organizing, coordinating, telling people what to do or not to do. Haha… It was just great! 🙂

    Of course I also couldn’t help myself but join the dancers. It’s my video in the end, isn’t it?!! 😛

    Totally coincidentally we released the video right on the International Day of Happiness. Really very fitting! Within 2 days we made it to various Facebook and Twitter pages and Websites of radio and TV stations. We were also featured on the news 3 times on different stations. This is the report of the local station KUSI. However those people have almost forgot to mention the director, aka ME. Unbelievable…pfft!

    Well, here is the result. The video turned out really cool and we are very “Happy” with it! 🙂 If you like it, please share! Thaaank youuu! 🙂 🙂


    Happy – San Diego Edition

  • Update #1 – No job in Boston, but a move around the corner

    Wow, am I reliable, huh? 😉 I know, I promised a post that night of my apology…well, didn’t work out. Hehe…

    Anyway, I was thinking about where to start best for my updates and I think the first thing is this:

    In July, I applied for a position as an Officer Manager with a company called Polytec. They have their headquarters in Irvine, CA just an hour away from here, but the job was posted for Hopkinton, which is a small town close to Boston, MA. Yes, the east coast. I was really considering to move to the east coast. The job sounded really interesting and seemed like it would provide lots of opportunities to grow. So, I applied. I got a response very soon and so it started. I talked to 4 different people within that company at all kinds of locations within the States. Then I was invited to an interview at their headquarters in Irvine. The interview went really well and took almost two hours. I left the building with a really good feeling.

    In the same time the 1-year lease of my apartment was over. So, my property management wanted to know, if I wanted to renew the lease for another year or if I would like to continue with a month-to-month lease. Since I wasn’t sure what was going to happen and it looked really promising with the job in Boston, I decided to continue with a month-to-month lease.

    Well, Polytec didn’t contact me after the interview for three weeks, even not on follow-up emails on my part. And then suddenly one Friday night, I receive an email that said: Sorry, we have chosen someone else. WTH? What happened? I don’t know… and to be honest, I also didn’t feel like asking. I was pretty disappointed. But well… That’s life!

    So, I went back to my normal misery everyday life, where I am looking for jobs. Anyway… one day, I got a voice message from my property management. In the message, the lady said, she needed to talk to me about a letter that she received from the owner of my apartment. Oh man, I suspected the worst. That didn’t sound good at all.

    And guess what?! I was right! My landlord got separated from her husband and wanted her place back!!! She was pretty much just waiting for me to not renew my lease for another year! Bitch! So what did that mean? I had 60 days to find a new place. AGAIN!! And I was so happy in my studio. I finally felt home in there and then she wanted to kick me out? Just like that? I couldn’t believe it.

    Well, since I am the kind of person that wants to resolve those things as fast as possible, I started looking for a new place right away. I didn’t find something ideal, but I found something easy. In the same complex, a GERMAN couple (I know what a coincidence 🙂 ) wanted to rent out their place for one year because they wanted to go back to Germany. So I pulled my I’m-German-too card and got the place. It’s really not ideal because they rented it out furnished and I do have my own furniture, too. But the good part is, the apt is has a small den (a maybe 80 sqft room) that I am using as the “storage” now. I managed to put the entire furnishing into that room. Which is really awesome because it saves me the money for a storage room. And the people wouldn’t have liked me to put their furniture into storage anyway. So, perfect! 🙂

    It’s just, you know… It’s someone else’s place and they will come back. So, it’s again not mine. I don’t feel home there and I will have to look for something else soon again. Hopefully that will finally be something more permanent.

  • My apologies

    Hello Everyone!

    I know, I am a terrible blog writer and I owe you guys an apology for not keeping you in  the loop about my life as I am supposed to.

    I also know, I keep telling you all the time that I have been so busy. But guess what, that’s actually not even an excuse. I know, I should still find some time to write in between, and I’ll try now. I decided to write more often but therefore smaller posts. Is that a deal?

    Since there has been so much happening since my last post a few months ago, I will update you with a few coming posts. I gotta do this in different posts or it will be one book-long one.

    Oh and then I should also start fixing my blog, huh? Why did I get the idea to change my theme and layout during such a busy time again??! No clue! 😛


    Anyway, the first post will hopefully come tonight. Until then, have a good time!




  • 4th of July – Long weekend

    Yippie, yippie, yeah… Since beginning of time, I finally had a loooong weekend again! Hehe… 😀

    That was so nice! I really enjoyed it. As most of you probably know, the 4th of July is a holiday in the US, the Independence Day. And as all the holidays, also this one is usually celebrated with a nice big party. But I used this holiday first to get on a nice run! 🙂 Hehe… I know, “I am crazy”! 😉 But, if you believe it or not, running makes my life better. When I run, I am happy!

    At Coronado Island they have the “Coronado Independence Day 15k and 5k” race every year. I did the 15km run and Gaby tackled the 5km. After Gaby had seen me running the marathon, she is completely inspired and wanted to get to running, too. So, I offered her my help and suggested that she should do this race with me. She did pretty well, I have to say. We only started the training a few weeks ago, and Gaby had never run before that. She mastered the race in 45 minutes! Not bad at all!

    Well, I on the other side, wasn’t as fast as I hoped to be. My goal was a time of 1:20:00, I did it in 1:26:38. Well, at least it’s close. Ich have to say, though that for San Diego it was pretty humid and they only had a water station at every other mile. My body was screaming for water the whole time. 2 miles can be really long when you’re thirsty.

    At the end I still sped up nicely, though. After the race I sat down in the grass with 3 cups of water and a dark red dome. Despite all that, it was a good race. Gaby had fun and I had done my workout before I went to the BBQ/Pool Party that I was invited to in the afternoon.




    The weather was really nice then. So, the grilling and pool enjoying with good friends was just great! We had a lot of fun, were pretty silly and the people made fun of me being a vegan. Yup, an absolutely perfect day! 🙂

    The rest of the weekend, I finally got to do some stuff that had been kicking down the road since forever and I enjoyed a few really nice big walks with Amy. Can’t it be like that every weekend? I could totally get used to a 3-day work week! 😛



  • New Project – Vegan Diet

    … or let’s better call it the 90% Vegan!



    I have been doing research on healthy nutrition already for a long time. It actually started, when I wanted to help Denny losing his weight. But what can I say? You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink.

    Well, doesn’t matter… for my part, I got more and more into the topic of a healthy diet. And as we all know, a healthy diet contains of lots of vegetables and whole foods. Pretty much everything that nature provides us with, without our interference.

    I’ve watched many documentaries on the subject of nutrition and read a lot of books also. One documentary, which I can really recommend and that clears up so many legends, is “Forks over Knives”. After watching this documentary, my motivation reached its peak and I decided to try to feed myself vegan for two weeks. Unfortunately at that point I started to abruptly for my body and (warning: too much information) ended up with a terribly bloated belly and really bad constipation. And that for two full weeks! Since that, as everyone can imagine, wasn’t so very pleasant, I gave up and went back to my previous diet, which by the way wasn’t ever that incredibly unhealthy either. Well, that was about one year ago. I wanted to prove to Denny that it was possible and one would’t have to miss anything. Obviously I wasn’t very successful. Hehe…

    I have never really given up on that idea, though. And since nowadays, in the times of internet, one also has to face all the animal cruelty that comes with the consumption of meat, I am even more motivated and started my second try a couple of weeks ago. This time I tried a different approach, though. Way more planned and organized. I informed myself a lot about all the substitutes, spent a lot of time at the local supermarkets and especially spent a lot of time researching recipes that I like and that gave me the feeling, I wouldn’t really have to sacrifice too much.

    So, now I have substituted cow milk with almond milk, yogurt with cultured coconut milk, I have never really eaten a lot of meat, pasta and rice with whole wheat pasta and brown rice, my bread I substituted with a flowerless, gluten-free sprouted bread, and so on and so forth… I also mostly buy everything in the organic version. Luckily California makes it really easy to eat like that. They really have everything in the supermarkets!!! And the organic products aren’t even that much more expensive than the (hmm… how do I best call those now, they’re not “normal”) non-organic products. I also try to mostly leave my fingers off of processed foods like flour and refined sugars, so foods that have been treated by humans.

    And everyone, who knows me now and wonders: So, you don’t eat any chocolate anymore, you choco-addict? Of course, I do! Yes! BUT: I make it myself! Yes, that is possible and yes, it tastes good! Of course it isn’t comparable to a bar of Ghirardelli’s, but therefore Ghirardelli’s makes you fat and unhealthy. My chocolate is even healthy! No sugar and lots of anti-oxidants!

    But as I have mentioned at the beginning: I will probably not become a complete vegan. I will still enjoy my yummy Nutella toast every once in a while (yet on sprouted bread!) and I also still eat eggs (yet, as I said organic!). 🙂 I do want to mainly feed myself with healthy foods, though. And especially with foods for which nobody had to suffer and/or die.

    Finally also a book that I would like to recommend, for people who have also thought of changing their diet and lifestyle: Joel Fuhrmann – Eat to live.


    What do you think about this? Could you imagine to change your complete diet and lifestyle like this?