Just 2 more days til my first marathon!


Oh man, oh man, oh man….

It is really just 2 more days until my first marathon. I am really excited! 🙂

Hopefully everything goes well! I believe, I could hardly live with the disappointment, if for some reason I wasn’t able to finish the marathon. But actually…. the only thing that would keep me from finishing is, if I lost a leg or broke down unconsciously or something…

My typical running aches, like my poor knees and my feet are not gonna stop me from crossing that damn finish line. Not even, if I have to drag myself at the end, or I would also crawl across it, if necessary. 😛

I have trained so hard in the last 6 months. When I just think of all the miles that I have run. That is just really crazy! I have always thought about running a marathon, but who would have thought that one day I’m seriously doing it?

26.2 miles, 42.195 km!!! I mean, hello?!?!? Am I nuts? That is really crazy! I’m gonna be running for almost 5 hours on Sunday morning. That sounds like it’s not even possible! If I hadn’t run already 20 miles/32 km (in 3.45 h), I wouldn’t have ever believed that I am capable of that.

Well, for everyone who would like to follow and see how I’m surviving the marathon: The chip on my shoe is connected to a tracking system that frequently publishes my times on Facebook! Every time, I’ll run over one of those time tracking pads on the ground a post will be sent out. Isn’t that cool?


All of you, please cross your fingers for me! I could use as much luck as possible! 🙂


This is the marathon course: red = Marathon // blue = Half Marathon

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