My apologies

Hello Everyone!

I know, I am a terrible blog writer and I owe you guys an apology for not keeping you in  the loop about my life as I am supposed to.

I also know, I keep telling you all the time that I have been so busy. But guess what, that’s actually not even an excuse. I know, I should still find some time to write in between, and I’ll try now. I decided to write more often but therefore smaller posts. Is that a deal?

Since there has been so much happening since my last post a few months ago, I will update you with a few coming posts. I gotta do this in different posts or it will be one book-long one.

Oh and then I should also start fixing my blog, huh? Why did I get the idea to change my theme and layout during such a busy time again??! No clue! 😛


Anyway, the first post will hopefully come tonight. Until then, have a good time!




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