Happy in San Diego

For some reason America is really late on this, but the since the entire world has already been doing it, I decided about a couple of weeks ago to go with the flow and join this fun.

What I am talking about?


Well, all the versions of the song Happy from Pharrell Williams! Two weeks ago on a Friday, I was talking to my mom on the phone and somehow we got to the topic music. So, I asked her, if she had already heard this new cool song from Pharrell Williams. Her response: New? That song is already old!

Huh? That can’t be, I have only heard it maybe 3 times on the radio yet! Strange! But then my mom told me about the version from Münster. Münster is the next bigger city from where I come from. So, I checked out the  Happy Version of Münster . Pretty cool, I thought. And then I discovered that the entire world has been doing that. Even Madagascar and Tahiti have their own versions, and even Tatooine in Tunesia made its Star Wars Version. I was completely excited und shocked in the same time, how we here in the US did not hear any of this.

Well, of cause then I was wondering if San Diego had its version already. So, I checked. Nope, none there! So, why don’t I make one?!! 🙂

Thanks to my ex, I know a few people that are professional camera men and Eamon was the first one, I thought of. Especially since he is one here in San Diego.

I had no idea, if he was gonna be up for something like that, but I thought, I’d just give it shot. He responded: “You set it all up, and I’ll shoot it!” 🙂

Cool, said and done! So, I quickly set up a Facebook event and did some convincing. When I managed to get a sail boat (Sail Jada) we could shoot on, the people started to commit. So, everything took its course. I only had one week to plan. I wanted to make sure that nobody would get that idea and get the drop on me. 🙂

We shot the whole thing on the 16th of March – 8 locations in almost 12 hours. It was really exhausting, but also so much fun. I was able to gain my first experience in directing and was completely in my element with all the planning. All the organizing, coordinating, telling people what to do or not to do. Haha… It was just great! 🙂

Of course I also couldn’t help myself but join the dancers. It’s my video in the end, isn’t it?!! 😛

Totally coincidentally we released the video right on the International Day of Happiness. Really very fitting! Within 2 days we made it to various Facebook and Twitter pages and Websites of radio and TV stations. We were also featured on the news 3 times on different stations. This is the report of the local station KUSI. However those people have almost forgot to mention the director, aka ME. Unbelievable…pfft!

Well, here is the result. The video turned out really cool and we are very “Happy” with it! 🙂 If you like it, please share! Thaaank youuu! 🙂 🙂


Happy – San Diego Edition

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  1. Tanka /

    The video turned out really awesome.
    BTW – your mom was right: Somehow you guys down in the South have missed “Happy” while the rest of us didn’t get the song out of the head anymore!

    1. Tina / Post Author

      Haha… Really? Don’t you tell me that you guys have known this song for a while already?! You guys, in the “north” 😉 I wonder why there are only very few happy videos from US cities then.

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