Mail from the BVA (Federal Administration Office Germany)

Hurray, hurray, hurray…


Excerpt from an email from the BVA:
Dear Ms. Soebbing,

we’re happy to let you know that the BVA has granted your request to keep the German citizenship.


About 9 weeks ago I sent God knows how many pages of an explanation to the Federal Administration Office Germany (BVA) to Cologne. That was my application for the BBG, which is the permission issued by the BVA that I can keep my German citizenship, when I apply for others. Five years have almost gone by since my crazy step to immigrate to the USA. That means that I can now apply for the American citizenship. Since I don’t want lose my German citizenship I have to have the BBG. And that one I got now. Well, at least in theory. The actual document I have to pick up at the German consulate in Los Angeles and then I can apply for the American citizenship.

So, I will become an American this year! That quite crazy, isn’t it?!  :D




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