5 Years… went by so fast

This post is already way past due again, but I also didn’t just want to skip it. It’s too important for that.

On 09/28/2014 it was there – the for me magical day. Before my emigration, I always told myself that I would give myself 5 years – no matter how hard it would get. 5 years before I’d give up; 5 years that I would fight for what I want. As you have all experienced with me, it really was 5 years with a lot of fighting. I have to admit, it was not an easy time for me.

In between I always had to remind myself of those 5 years. I kept telling myself: Tina, if you don’t have a positive outlook on the future after 5 years, then get the citizenship and go back home again for a while. I have never expected that everything is perfect. I just wanted to know, see and feel that it will get better in the future.

Interestingly enough everything started to change this year. It definitely wasn’t the magical super year (difficulties will always come along one’s way), but slowly and little by little everything turned out to be good. And then suddenly it was there: D-DAY!

The 28th was a day like any other and I totally didn’t realize what day it was. In the afternoon then I pre-cooked my meals for the freezer. (I always like to do that with things like rice, quinoa and pasta. It saves a lot of time on hectic days.) So, as I was filling it all in little freezer bags and I was writing the date on the bags for the 20th time, it suddenly “CLICKED”.



Damn, it is the 28th of September – today 5 years ago I got on a plane with the dog one way to San Diego and with that did the first step on my way to a new life. Suddenly I felt a little weird. One does get a little nostalgic with those kind of things. 🙂

5 Years ago at Duesseldorf Airport


But I didn’t really think about it any further at that point. Until I thought about it again in the night in quiet on the couch. With all the difficulties in the last years, I almost expected to be leaving America after 5 years. But now I was sitting there and all I could think was: I’m looking forward to the future! 🙂 It actually made me cry.

I have found wonderful friends, turned my hobby running into my passion, and now I will start my own business with my new best “American” friend (only to point out that my best friends in Germany will never be substitutable! 🙂 ). I have always wanted my own company and now it will finally happen. I simply can’t go home yet. How stupid would I be, if I went home now?!!

2014 Soccer World Cup   My new best friend Jessie Love my friends








NO, my life here is awesome, I am very happy and my adventures are not over yet!!!

5 years, Tina! 5 years – This is only the beginning!! 


Running is my big passion   1493533_10201728644231623_582768098_o (3)208457_4925004836713_1115488027_n
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  1. ivonne /

    Oh my God its like I was fated to find this blog. am just about to start this journey and am not lucky like you to have a dog but i have myself. its so good to hear someone who has been there and done it and despite the ups and downs is sticking to it. even more funny is i am coming to san diego as well. already came there and went to torrey pines and the other hiking trail on navajo road just forgot its name now and it filled me with the possibilities!!cheers!march on and all the best with ur endevaours!

    1. Tina / Post Author

      Hi Ivonne,

      I’m glad you enjoyed reading my blog. Unfortunately I haven’t had much time to update it in a while, but I’ll get back to it soon.
      Cool, that you will start this journey too. Even though I had to fight my way through a lot of stuff, I have never regretted it. San Diego is a beautiful place to move to. I can definitely tell you that! 🙂
      From where will you be coming?

      Good luck to you!


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