Ticks, ticks, ticks

I had a really nice experience again this morning! The best way to start a day is definitely waking up and finding a tick crawling over your arm! Yay! 🙂

So, this morning I started doing some research again and look for the right treatment for dogs to prevent ticks. I have tried several meds like Frontline, Ex Spot (from Germany) and Sentry (cheaper version from Petsmart). Nothing really works…

We also live at the ocean, so of course Amy likes to go swimming very much. This stuff just doesn’t last.

And what I’ve also found out is that it doesn’t repel the ticks, they still go on the dogs and bite and then they die. So, where is the protection against Lyme Disease?

Anyway, I would be happy about any advice. Amy and I are nature lovers, so we are in the canyons everyday. We need something that helps us!



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