Hike to Cedar Creek Falls

Last Sunday we went on an awesome hike to Cedar Creek Falls. Originally it was planned with group of six people because I was planning on that with my co-workers.

On Saturday night though, Denny (who was here over the weekend) and I went to the “Rodriguez” house and heard about the hiking plans of our friends. So we just decided to all go on that hike together. In the end we had a group of 17 or so.

At 9 am we met in the parking lot of Sony and then we drove up to Ramona from where we started the hike. Ramona is really nice, what a great view. The hike down was relatively easy. It wasn’t too steep, so we made in down in about an hour plus a little break. Javier and I took the dogs with us and they made it better than I would have thought. I was a tiny little bit worried in the beginning that they wouldn’t be able to handle the heat. But it wasn’t too hot and there was still a lot of water in the mountains. So the dogs, as well as us, had enough chances to cool ourselves off.

The waterfall was great. It’s crazy to find something like that here in the desert. It was full of clear and ICE COLD water. I even went in…and everybody who knows me knows that I hate cold water. My strong breathing almost caused me to  hyperventilate 🙂 No, just kidding! But it was REALLY cold! I just thought since I had already gone through all that effort to reach the waterfall then I should go and swim in the pool! So I did, with Amy! 🙂

Other people jumped off the cliffs, some jumped in the water with a rope that was hanging from a tree, and some other really crazy people jumped into the pool from an about 50 ft. high cliff. Sooooo stupid and sooooo crazy! There were rocks in the water and the pool itself was maybe just about 10 – 15 ft. deep. Well, you can’t stop stupid people and if something happens, it’s called “natural selection” (at least that’s what Denny always says ;)).

We had a great time down there and after about 2.5 hours we hiked back. The hike back was all uphill so it definitely took us longer than the way down. It was also hotter and we took more breaks. However, one of the breaks was because we saw a helicopter flying down to the waterfall… what was I just talking about, “natural selection”?? Yeah, I guess so! 🙂

Anyway we all made it up safely and tired and suuuper thirsty but completely satisfied. 🙂 We had a lot of fun and a great time with great friends and beautiful scenery! That definitely requires an “encore”! 🙂






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