At Heart… German? American?

Over the weekend someone asked me if I would ever defend this country as if I were a truly part of it.

I was asked that question because every once in a while, here and there, I compare things in the US with things in Germany. But this person feels offended by it and has the opinion that I always find something that I don’t like in and about America. Of course, this is not the case! I moved to this country and left mine and my entire family and friends behind. If that doesn’t mean everything!?!

I think there are lots of great things about the US, but I just haven’t forgotten the good things about Germany either. And every once in a while, especially in moments where I miss my family and friends a little bit more, I notice the not so good things about America or the really good things about Germany a little more. Both countries do have their pros but also their cons. That’s just the way it is!  And I don’t think that I have to like everything about this country.

So my answer was – to be honest: I don’t think so. I don’t think I will ever feel like an American regardless of how much I like or appreciate this country.

But who knows… maybe I’m wrong. It might happen… I just don’t think like that now.

I am really interested, though, how other emigrants feel about this. Has anyone of you gotten so used to a country that you feel like you truly belong there… that you feel like one of them at heart and not just on paper?

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