German visitor from Canada!

Last week was great! My dear friend Nadine came from Canada down here to San Diego to visit me. Nadine is doing one year of work and travel in Canada and since the flight from Vancouver to San Diego takes just 3 hours, she finally made it down here. On 09/18 I picked her up at the airport and we had a really awesome week together.

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to take days off at work, so while I was working, Nadine went sightseeing on her own. I gave her my car, so that she would be a little more flexible. On the last Saturday we went on a nice hike then to Sycamore Canyon. It’s very nice there! We didn’t have too much time but we enjoyed it. And it’s definitely on my list for a big hike. So whoever would like to do that, let me know!




After that we drove to LA and went again to the Oktoberfest in Alpine Village, together with Denny and his friend Frank. I thought Nadine would probably like it there. And I was right!! 🙂

It was really a lot of fun. We were all pretty buzzed and enjoyed singing German songs and dancing like crazy. Around midnight the fun was already over though because they close at that time. But as I said our alcohol level was high enough and we were definitely ready to go home. 🙂

Our Sunday was relatively relaxed. Of course we had to sleep off our drunkenness and cure our hangover.

This morning I took Nadine to the airport already again. It’s too bad  how fast a week can fly by. I really hope that this time it won’t take another two years before we see each other again! I miss you already, Nadine!

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