The year is starting well!

Yeah, it does! I’m as motivated as never and I just feel great! It’s pretty awesome to be able to say that again! 🙂

At the beginning of the month I started acting classes. I got one free month of those as a gift for Christmas from Gaby. Really cool… acting was one thing I have always talked about… well I should probably better say thought about. If you talk about those kind of dreams in Germany, all you here from the people is: Yeah, sure… keep talking and do something decent!

So I never really did.. tell anyone that I would love to try it. Since I live here though, I don’t feel so stupid anymore to say it. And after Gaby has heard about that she kept pushing me into actually doing it. So, she gave me one month of free acting classes. And? It’s pretty cool! It’s so much fun. I totally enjoy it, already the fact that I have something else to do during the week.

On Saturday I’ll even have my first showcase. An agent from San Diego will be coming to the school and we all will perform our monologues. I’m more doing it for fun and just to see what’s gonna happen. I don’t expect to get an agent right away.. that would be a little naive. But people actually do tell me that I really have talent! And that makes it all even more fun. 🙂



It’s gonna be one of these two pictures that I’m gonna use as my headshot for that showcase. I really gotta say that it is a hard decision which one to take. I’ll probably make a spontaneous decision. The people I’ve been asking for their opinion all have another opinion.

Well, then something else happened already in January. I moved! Yeah… and I’m really happy about it! I moved to UTC into a condo with another roommate. My roommate Eduardo is really nice and has a dog, too. So, Amy will have a new friend, too. 🙂

Besides… that place is really awesome! I’m now just 5 minutes away from work and directly at a canyon. So, I just get out of the door and am able to make a nice big walk with Amy in the canyon. That’s just really perfect for me and Amy!

The place is a 2 bedroom/2 bathroom condo. So, I have my room, my own bathroom and the best of all: a walk-in closet! Yay! Lot’s of space for all my stuff!

And then that place also has tennis courts, basket ball courts, a volley ball court, swimming pools, hot tubs and a gym! If that isn’t great!?  Here you can see already a few pictures of my new place! I love it! 🙂

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  1. Hoecki /

    Yeah! Good for you! Keep it up girl!
    HI from LA

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