Turning 29 for the second time!

One of my readers sent me a friendly reminder that is would be time again for another blog. So, what can I say? 🙂 You’re right Dominik! So, here it comes…

At the weekend I unfortunately left the club of the Twenties. It has been a really great time. But I guess now it’s time to get “old”.

My 30th Birthday fell on a Sunday this year. So, I decided to celebrate into my Birthday on Saturday. Funnily it was also St. Patrick’s Day, which is celebrated quite big in the States every year. How practical, I thought, since there is a lot going on in the city anyway. So we all celebrated in green at the Bar Pink. It was really cool, I gotta say that! I had a lot of fun! The DJ played just 80s music all night and the very first song was even just for me: 99 Red Balloons in the complete German version. I bet that that was also the only German song he had in his repertoire. 😉 But it didn’t matter… I thought it was fun and went crazy on the dance floor.

And then, there is another pretty cool thing here in the States. In Germany the person whose Birthday it is, invites the people and pays the drinks. Here, the people almost fight for who gets you a drink first. So, that’s how I ended up with already three drinks in front of my nose within the first half hour. People, you got no idea, how much I drank that night. Man man man… Not normal… And also pretty much everything mixed since my friends just showed up with a drink for me. Not even one of it was a beer. All just the hard stuff! Can you imagine in what kind of good mood I was?? Haha… yup, I was pretty tipsy. 🙂

But well, at least on one’s 30th Birthday that should be fine, huh?! You gotta at least drink away the feeling of getting old! Hehe… Luckily, I can say that I didn’t even feel very bad the next morning! So, what do we  learn out of this? Don’t even start with beer…just go right over to the hard stuff! 😉

Here are also a few picture of that night. Unfortunately I didn’t really take many. But as I said, I was busy drinking!

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