• 5 Years… went by so fast

    This post is already way past due again, but I also didn’t just want to skip it. It’s too important for that.

    On 09/28/2014 it was there – the for me magical day. Before my emigration, I always told myself that I would give myself 5 years – no matter how hard it would get. 5 years before I’d give up; 5 years that I would fight for what I want. As you have all experienced with me, it really was 5 years with a lot of fighting. I have to admit, it was not an easy time for me.

    In between I always had to remind myself of those 5 years. I kept telling myself: Tina, if you don’t have a positive outlook on the future after 5 years, then get the citizenship and go back home again for a while. I have never expected that everything is perfect. I just wanted to know, see and feel that it will get better in the future.

    Interestingly enough everything started to change this year. It definitely wasn’t the magical super year (difficulties will always come along one’s way), but slowly and little by little everything turned out to be good. And then suddenly it was there: D-DAY!

    The 28th was a day like any other and I totally didn’t realize what day it was. In the afternoon then I pre-cooked my meals for the freezer. (I always like to do that with things like rice, quinoa and pasta. It saves a lot of time on hectic days.) So, as I was filling it all in little freezer bags and I was writing the date on the bags for the 20th time, it suddenly “CLICKED”.



    Damn, it is the 28th of September – today 5 years ago I got on a plane with the dog one way to San Diego and with that did the first step on my way to a new life. Suddenly I felt a little weird. One does get a little nostalgic with those kind of things. 🙂

    5 Years ago at Duesseldorf Airport


    But I didn’t really think about it any further at that point. Until I thought about it again in the night in quiet on the couch. With all the difficulties in the last years, I almost expected to be leaving America after 5 years. But now I was sitting there and all I could think was: I’m looking forward to the future! 🙂 It actually made me cry.

    I have found wonderful friends, turned my hobby running into my passion, and now I will start my own business with my new best “American” friend (only to point out that my best friends in Germany will never be substitutable! 🙂 ). I have always wanted my own company and now it will finally happen. I simply can’t go home yet. How stupid would I be, if I went home now?!!

    2014 Soccer World Cup   My new best friend Jessie Love my friends








    NO, my life here is awesome, I am very happy and my adventures are not over yet!!!

    5 years, Tina! 5 years – This is only the beginning!! 


    Running is my big passion   1493533_10201728644231623_582768098_o (3)208457_4925004836713_1115488027_n
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  • November Project

    I haven’t told you all about my favorite fitness group yet. Weird actually… since I am absolutely and totally in love with this group. 😉

    November Project is a free fitness movement that is spreading across the States at a crazy speed right now. November Project was started in the year 2011 by Brogan Graham and Bojan Mandaric who just thought at some point: “People always get lazy and fat in winter. Let’s just start working out every day of November together”! And November Project was born. Until the end of that month they already had a few friends who joined them for the workouts, and since then that didn’t change and the group still keeps growing. Now they meet in Boston three days a week with up to 300 members joining them per workout. By the way the workouts happen ALWAYS , no matter how the weather is, because NP is #weatherproof.

    Here is a video to explain the story behind November Project:

    Some of those members have then started taking November Project out into the world. A move of a NP member to the west coast meant for example that there was a big hole left where NP used to be, which again meant that there needed to be one in that city. 😉 By now there are 17 different tribes across the USA and even one tribe in Canada. And it doesn’t look like this is going to change soon. NP is growing and we’re working towards a #WorldTakeOver. 😉

    At the beginning of November last year I learnt about NP through the Runner’s World Magazine and after checking out their website I discovered that they also have a tribe in San Diego. How cool, I thought. I was looking for a sports group to join anyway. On their Facebook page I informed myself about what I had to do to join them. “Just show up” was the response I got. And that’s what I did. The following Wednesday I showed up at Kate Sessions Park in Pacific Beach at 6.30 am in the morning and introduced myself. Then one of the three amazing leaders of the group (Jessica Craik, Lauren Padula and Ashleigh Voychick) gave me a big hug to welcome me and I then had one of the coolest workouts of my life with a bunch of awesome people. After the workout I drove home with a big fat grin on my face and I was just happy to have found a group of like-minded people. A group of unbelievably cool people that I would soon call my best friends. The rest is history – I have never left NP again.

    November Project SD now will soon have its one year anniversary and I have been with them almost from the beginning. By now NPSD has in average 75 people showing up to the workouts (the goal is 100 people by the first birthday which is 10/23) and we also already meet twice a week. Monday mornings at 6.30 am at the Convention Center where we run all the stairs and then Wednesdays in the park. Those two days are by now my favorite days of the week. 🙂

    At some point November Project will surely also make to your city (maybe you have one already), and when that happens I recommend you: Just show up! =)

    Here a few pictures of the workouts:





  • Permission to stay German



    So, here it is… the permission to keep my German citizenship when applying for the American one from the German Federal Administration Office. For $ 5.60 in stamps the German consulate in Los Angeles sent the document to the Honorary Consul here in San Diego, where I could pick it up last Friday.

    So, that means I can finally file for naturalization.  I’ve already found the document that I need for that and I have to fill out 22 pages… YES, 22!! My goodness!

    But well… I should be able to also get that done. 😀 I will keep you in the loop!




  • Update #1 – No job in Boston, but a move around the corner

    Wow, am I reliable, huh? 😉 I know, I promised a post that night of my apology…well, didn’t work out. Hehe…

    Anyway, I was thinking about where to start best for my updates and I think the first thing is this:

    In July, I applied for a position as an Officer Manager with a company called Polytec. They have their headquarters in Irvine, CA just an hour away from here, but the job was posted for Hopkinton, which is a small town close to Boston, MA. Yes, the east coast. I was really considering to move to the east coast. The job sounded really interesting and seemed like it would provide lots of opportunities to grow. So, I applied. I got a response very soon and so it started. I talked to 4 different people within that company at all kinds of locations within the States. Then I was invited to an interview at their headquarters in Irvine. The interview went really well and took almost two hours. I left the building with a really good feeling.

    In the same time the 1-year lease of my apartment was over. So, my property management wanted to know, if I wanted to renew the lease for another year or if I would like to continue with a month-to-month lease. Since I wasn’t sure what was going to happen and it looked really promising with the job in Boston, I decided to continue with a month-to-month lease.

    Well, Polytec didn’t contact me after the interview for three weeks, even not on follow-up emails on my part. And then suddenly one Friday night, I receive an email that said: Sorry, we have chosen someone else. WTH? What happened? I don’t know… and to be honest, I also didn’t feel like asking. I was pretty disappointed. But well… That’s life!

    So, I went back to my normal misery everyday life, where I am looking for jobs. Anyway… one day, I got a voice message from my property management. In the message, the lady said, she needed to talk to me about a letter that she received from the owner of my apartment. Oh man, I suspected the worst. That didn’t sound good at all.

    And guess what?! I was right! My landlord got separated from her husband and wanted her place back!!! She was pretty much just waiting for me to not renew my lease for another year! Bitch! So what did that mean? I had 60 days to find a new place. AGAIN!! And I was so happy in my studio. I finally felt home in there and then she wanted to kick me out? Just like that? I couldn’t believe it.

    Well, since I am the kind of person that wants to resolve those things as fast as possible, I started looking for a new place right away. I didn’t find something ideal, but I found something easy. In the same complex, a GERMAN couple (I know what a coincidence 🙂 ) wanted to rent out their place for one year because they wanted to go back to Germany. So I pulled my I’m-German-too card and got the place. It’s really not ideal because they rented it out furnished and I do have my own furniture, too. But the good part is, the apt is has a small den (a maybe 80 sqft room) that I am using as the “storage” now. I managed to put the entire furnishing into that room. Which is really awesome because it saves me the money for a storage room. And the people wouldn’t have liked me to put their furniture into storage anyway. So, perfect! 🙂

    It’s just, you know… It’s someone else’s place and they will come back. So, it’s again not mine. I don’t feel home there and I will have to look for something else soon again. Hopefully that will finally be something more permanent.

  • 4th of July – Long weekend

    Yippie, yippie, yeah… Since beginning of time, I finally had a loooong weekend again! Hehe… 😀

    That was so nice! I really enjoyed it. As most of you probably know, the 4th of July is a holiday in the US, the Independence Day. And as all the holidays, also this one is usually celebrated with a nice big party. But I used this holiday first to get on a nice run! 🙂 Hehe… I know, “I am crazy”! 😉 But, if you believe it or not, running makes my life better. When I run, I am happy!

    At Coronado Island they have the “Coronado Independence Day 15k and 5k” race every year. I did the 15km run and Gaby tackled the 5km. After Gaby had seen me running the marathon, she is completely inspired and wanted to get to running, too. So, I offered her my help and suggested that she should do this race with me. She did pretty well, I have to say. We only started the training a few weeks ago, and Gaby had never run before that. She mastered the race in 45 minutes! Not bad at all!

    Well, I on the other side, wasn’t as fast as I hoped to be. My goal was a time of 1:20:00, I did it in 1:26:38. Well, at least it’s close. Ich have to say, though that for San Diego it was pretty humid and they only had a water station at every other mile. My body was screaming for water the whole time. 2 miles can be really long when you’re thirsty.

    At the end I still sped up nicely, though. After the race I sat down in the grass with 3 cups of water and a dark red dome. Despite all that, it was a good race. Gaby had fun and I had done my workout before I went to the BBQ/Pool Party that I was invited to in the afternoon.




    The weather was really nice then. So, the grilling and pool enjoying with good friends was just great! We had a lot of fun, were pretty silly and the people made fun of me being a vegan. Yup, an absolutely perfect day! 🙂

    The rest of the weekend, I finally got to do some stuff that had been kicking down the road since forever and I enjoyed a few really nice big walks with Amy. Can’t it be like that every weekend? I could totally get used to a 3-day work week! 😛