• New Project – Vegan Diet

    … or let’s better call it the 90% Vegan!



    I have been doing research on healthy nutrition already for a long time. It actually started, when I wanted to help Denny losing his weight. But what can I say? You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink.

    Well, doesn’t matter… for my part, I got more and more into the topic of a healthy diet. And as we all know, a healthy diet contains of lots of vegetables and whole foods. Pretty much everything that nature provides us with, without our interference.

    I’ve watched many documentaries on the subject of nutrition and read a lot of books also. One documentary, which I can really recommend and that clears up so many legends, is “Forks over Knives”. After watching this documentary, my motivation reached its peak and I decided to try to feed myself vegan for two weeks. Unfortunately at that point I started to abruptly for my body and (warning: too much information) ended up with a terribly bloated belly and really bad constipation. And that for two full weeks! Since that, as everyone can imagine, wasn’t so very pleasant, I gave up and went back to my previous diet, which by the way wasn’t ever that incredibly unhealthy either. Well, that was about one year ago. I wanted to prove to Denny that it was possible and one would’t have to miss anything. Obviously I wasn’t very successful. Hehe…

    I have never really given up on that idea, though. And since nowadays, in the times of internet, one also has to face all the animal cruelty that comes with the consumption of meat, I am even more motivated and started my second try a couple of weeks ago. This time I tried a different approach, though. Way more planned and organized. I informed myself a lot about all the substitutes, spent a lot of time at the local supermarkets and especially spent a lot of time researching recipes that I like and that gave me the feeling, I wouldn’t really have to sacrifice too much.

    So, now I have substituted cow milk with almond milk, yogurt with cultured coconut milk, I have never really eaten a lot of meat, pasta and rice with whole wheat pasta and brown rice, my bread I substituted with a flowerless, gluten-free sprouted bread, and so on and so forth… I also mostly buy everything in the organic version. Luckily California makes it really easy to eat like that. They really have everything in the supermarkets!!! And the organic products aren’t even that much more expensive than the (hmm… how do I best call those now, they’re not “normal”) non-organic products. I also try to mostly leave my fingers off of processed foods like flour and refined sugars, so foods that have been treated by humans.

    And everyone, who knows me now and wonders: So, you don’t eat any chocolate anymore, you choco-addict? Of course, I do! Yes! BUT: I make it myself! Yes, that is possible and yes, it tastes good! Of course it isn’t comparable to a bar of Ghirardelli’s, but therefore Ghirardelli’s makes you fat and unhealthy. My chocolate is even healthy! No sugar and lots of anti-oxidants!

    But as I have mentioned at the beginning: I will probably not become a complete vegan. I will still enjoy my yummy Nutella toast every once in a while (yet on sprouted bread!) and I also still eat eggs (yet, as I said organic!). 🙂 I do want to mainly feed myself with healthy foods, though. And especially with foods for which nobody had to suffer and/or die.

    Finally also a book that I would like to recommend, for people who have also thought of changing their diet and lifestyle: Joel Fuhrmann – Eat to live.


    What do you think about this? Could you imagine to change your complete diet and lifestyle like this?


  • Marathon Training

    Man, man, man… I’ll tell you something: I am so freaking busy! That is really unbelievable!

    My marathon training takes up so much time. Currently I’m runnning 30+ miles a week – that’s almost 50 km. And you can certainly imagine, that that takes some time. My plan for this week looks like this:


    Tuesday: 5 miles (8 km)

    Thursday: 7 miles (11 km)

    Friday: 5 miles (8 km)

    Sunday: 16 miles (26 km)


    I still love doing that and my plan to run the marathon is definitely still up. I definitely have to admit, though that I sometimes hit a wall during the training. Just on Monday I had a small motivational low.  🙁

    I ran 15 miles last Sunday, which took me 2.5 hours by the way, and everything hurt on Monday morning. I’ve already been fighting a Posterior Tibialis Tendonitis for a few weeks. That is an inflammation of the mentioned Posterior Tibialis tendon which ends below the arch of the foot. It does tweak quite a bit sometimes, I have to say. So that means for me even more stretching than before, icing everything all the time, massaging feet and calves well and if it is really bad, I have to take some Ibuprofen. Of course that’s not ideal, but what am I supposed to do?

    I made this plan and I will do everything to realize it. On Monday I went to the chiropractor again, since I have also had a little back pain again since last week. I have to say, though that my back causes the least problems. And I have worried so much about it. If I had known that instead everything else would hurt.

    My chiropractor got me back out of my movivational hole, though. I thought: Who knows, maybe 15 miles is all my body can give. Maybe I’ll just have to accept that.

    But my dear Dr. Paul just explained to me that I shouldn’t be too surprised that everything hurts when I run such distances. Every athlete’s muscles and joints hurt at some point. That is just normal and with the right care I will also get over those little ouches.

    Tadaaa… Back is the motivation! Thank you, Dr. Paul! 🙂


    Already next week will be the 200-mile relay race Ragnar. Oh man… I’m really excited about this one. Friday morning we’ll start at 9 am in Los Angeles and we will probably arrive around noon on Saturday in San Diego. Hopefully that won’t kill me.

    I will keep you in the loop and I will most likely also take my camera with me and take a few cool pictures!


    This is the Ragnar course map:


  • Greetings from Germany!

    Yes, I’m home. Unbelievable…

    After more than 20 months, I have to admit, it was a really weird feeling to come home. Now, after a few days, I start to get used to it again. Germany is actually really nice. So green… I almost forgot how green it is. There is one bush after another, forest, next to forest, and fields over fields… Awesome! 🙂

    Of course the nicest thing about being home, is being with family and friends. It’s really good to be able to hug them again! 🙂 20 months is definitely a long time.

    My dog Amy is on vacation in Orange County. I took her to Irvine Wednesday night. A good friend and great dog lover is taking care of her. He is a dog trainer and owner of a doggy hotel. I’m happy that I found Herbert. He really knows what he’s doing. Dogs just love him and so does Amy. I feel very comfortable leaving Amy with him. So I don’t have to worry about her at all, when I’m on vacation.

    You know what the best thing is, though? By visiting Germany, I realized that I feel home in San Diego! 🙂