• And? Is there a big change coming up?

    Yes, maybe! 🙂 On Monday I had an interview in Los Angeles for a translator job. This position would be full time with benefits at Nickelodeon. Like now, I would be the German translator for video games. Just, as known from Nickelodeon, everything for kids. Nickelodeon is located in Glendale, a relatively nice part of Los Angeles. Has almost a little “little-town-feeling” – compared to rest of the city at least. Glendale has about 190,000 habitants, but is pretty residential. And it is surrounded by mountains, which I really like.

    The interview went really great! 🙂 I left the building after it with a big, fat smile on my face. The manager who interviewed me and I got along very well. When I talked about my current job, he was nodding his head and when he talked about my potential new position, I was just nodding. We both knew exactly what the other one was talking about since it would pretty much be exactly the same job. And he also said that the translation test I had to do a couple of weeks ago scored highest from all the tests of the applicants. I have no clue how many applicants they had but it was definitely very nice to hear that! He said “it was excellent”! 🙂

    Anyway, he said they would get back to me and I told him again how much I’m interested in that job!

    Let’s hope, I’m gonna get that job. I have such a good feeling. And let’s also hope that they make me a good offer concerning the salary. I’ve been curious already and have been checking on apartments already a little bit and there is a little difference to San Diego. Man.. LA is expensive!


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