• November Project

    I haven’t told you all about my favorite fitness group yet. Weird actually… since I am absolutely and totally in love with this group. 😉

    November Project is a free fitness movement that is spreading across the States at a crazy speed right now. November Project was started in the year 2011 by Brogan Graham and Bojan Mandaric who just thought at some point: “People always get lazy and fat in winter. Let’s just start working out every day of November together”! And November Project was born. Until the end of that month they already had a few friends who joined them for the workouts, and since then that didn’t change and the group still keeps growing. Now they meet in Boston three days a week with up to 300 members joining them per workout. By the way the workouts happen ALWAYS , no matter how the weather is, because NP is #weatherproof.

    Here is a video to explain the story behind November Project:

    Some of those members have then started taking November Project out into the world. A move of a NP member to the west coast meant for example that there was a big hole left where NP used to be, which again meant that there needed to be one in that city. 😉 By now there are 17 different tribes across the USA and even one tribe in Canada. And it doesn’t look like this is going to change soon. NP is growing and we’re working towards a #WorldTakeOver. 😉

    At the beginning of November last year I learnt about NP through the Runner’s World Magazine and after checking out their website I discovered that they also have a tribe in San Diego. How cool, I thought. I was looking for a sports group to join anyway. On their Facebook page I informed myself about what I had to do to join them. “Just show up” was the response I got. And that’s what I did. The following Wednesday I showed up at Kate Sessions Park in Pacific Beach at 6.30 am in the morning and introduced myself. Then one of the three amazing leaders of the group (Jessica Craik, Lauren Padula and Ashleigh Voychick) gave me a big hug to welcome me and I then had one of the coolest workouts of my life with a bunch of awesome people. After the workout I drove home with a big fat grin on my face and I was just happy to have found a group of like-minded people. A group of unbelievably cool people that I would soon call my best friends. The rest is history – I have never left NP again.

    November Project SD now will soon have its one year anniversary and I have been with them almost from the beginning. By now NPSD has in average 75 people showing up to the workouts (the goal is 100 people by the first birthday which is 10/23) and we also already meet twice a week. Monday mornings at 6.30 am at the Convention Center where we run all the stairs and then Wednesdays in the park. Those two days are by now my favorite days of the week. 🙂

    At some point November Project will surely also make to your city (maybe you have one already), and when that happens I recommend you: Just show up! =)

    Here a few pictures of the workouts: