Oktoberfest in Alpine Village

I spend my last weekend in LA with Denny. It was a cool one. On Saturday night we went together with some friends to the Oktoberfest in Alpine Village. Alpine Village is a little “village” in Torrance where they have all kind of things that have to do with Germany. There is a restaurant, a porcelain store and a German supermarket.

After we arrived there, I totally had to check out the supermarket first. Just too cool… I behaved like a little kid on Christmas. They really had all kinds of things. And of course I ended up spending a lot of money, I just couldn’t help myself. I bought Knoppers, Nappos, Milka Chocolate, Haribo and the best MEZZO MIX! 🙂 Hmmm… just perfect!

Anyway, after that we went to the big tent which was secured like a maximum security wing. My goodness, I felt like I was visiting the President himself… that’s how I got searched, checked and frisked. As soon as I was inside, I started laughing. I mean, the whole little village is already one big cliché. But then in the tent… really funny. They even flew in a band from Germany to play all the party songs – real Bavarians! 🙂

The whole party wasn’t like a real Oktoberfest at all but it was fun anyway. The whole time I felt like I was at a Schützenfest. We sang all the common songs like “Ein Prosit der Gemütlichkeit”, “Ruckizucki” and “Heidi”! We Germans definitely had our fun and I think the Americans even more. At least all the “Germans are just people in Lederhosen”-clichés got fulfilled at once. 🙂 I think Denny had a lot of fun, especially with the  battlecry: Zicke, Zacke, Zicke, Zacke – Heu Heu Heu…

Anyway, we are even thinking about going there again the weekend after next.  Because then my friend Nadine will be there and she likes “Schützenfeste” also a lot! I thought she might like to go there. Nadine is currently in Vancouver and since we are at least in the same time zone now she can finally make it to visit me, too. I haven’t seen her in two years now. When I went to Germany she was already in Canada.

So, now I am really looking forward to it… and Amy, too!


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